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Who is Mitch Shapiro?

Mitch Shapiro inspires audiences with corny humor and down-to-earth truths he’s uncovered in facing the double challenge of hearing loss and blindness. Mitch’s message is upbeat, relatable and engaging. Listeners gain new perspectives on their own challenges regardless of their nature. Mitch Shapiro is a one-of-a-kind motivational speaker who will leave your audience smiling and re-energized.

“Your greatest weakness
is your greatest strength.”
–Mitch Shapiro

Mitch Shapiro

Mitch Shapiro 6-7-16 Stand-Up University

“Mitch is a natural in front of a microphone and a group of any size. His affable and boyish charm are a breath of fresh air. He will pull you in with his sincerity and "can do" attitude and he will make you think about what is really important in life and why attitude is everything. He has relevant, funny stories to share which are guaranteed to provoke laughter, as well as, bring the point home. Mitch makes everyone think and re-evaluate life, not just adults but young adults and children as well. He can tailor his story to any age group.”

–Donnalee Cataldo

In The News:
Mitch has been featured in this months ZoomNews from AI Squared.

We're pleased to introduce you to fellow ZoomText user, Mitchel Shapiro. When Mitch was diagnosed with Usher's Syndrome, he could have given up many of the tasks he so loved, falling into a deep depression. After all, Usher's Syndrome is the leading cause of deaf/blindness; as the disease progresses Mitch will be left completely deaf and blind. However, Mitch's outlook is extremely positive, declaring that it was "time to stop making excuses for letting obstacles get in my way!"

January Help America Hear Mission on Long Island

Our January Help America Hear Mission on Long Island as seen on FIOS Push Pause
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Mitch Shapiro

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Motivational Speaker Mitch Shapiro

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